Durian Cake

Starting from IDR 65,000

Inspired and developed from one of the most famous snacks in Taiwan (Taiwanese Cake). We discovered the secret and special recipe to create an authentic Indonesian Culinary Taste that has never been produced in any place before. Combination of delicacy and exclusive packaging are the main strength of this product.

Durian is regarded by many as the King of Fruits and can only be found in several countries. Indonesia is also known as one of the countries with the most delicious durians. This is our customer favourite on this category and one that we are really proud of.

100% made from fresh durians (we have a special and specific criteria in selecting the fruits), this product is very suitable for any situation. For afternoons or High Tea companion during quality time with family & relatives, or as a gift, the premium taste won’t disappoint you. Be prepared, 100% our customers said  they like it very much.

Package Content: 12 Pieces per Pack
Weight after Packaged: 780gram
Expiration Date: 6 Months after Production Date
Direct Shipment (Surabaya Area): Available
Shipment Through Expedition: Available
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