With our 10 years of experience in the field of Bakery and Pastry, we always dream to:

  • Have a range of worldwide snack products that could be enjoyed by everyone: men, women, young people, and adults from any background
  • Have a snack that is enjoyable in any situation and brings positive mood & atmosphere into our life.
  • Have a healthy yet extremely delicious snack.
  • Have a snack that could represent our country well. To make Indonesia known worldwide through snacks.

For those reasons, and combined with the sincerest desire to deliver our best delicacies worldwide, we proudly launched Glory Snack on October 16th, 2013.

Started from the sales on 11 counters of our parent company, Glory Bakery, our business continuously grows through the sales from select and chosen retailers in every big cities of Java and Bali, with customers ranging from local citizens, expatriates, and foreign tourists. We understand that we wouldn’t be able to achieve all of this without you, our customers. We thrive only by your utmost satisfaction. That’s why product quality will forever be our main and only priority.

Regarding our products, the best way to enjoy Glory Snack is sharing them with the people you care about. Enjoying Glory Snack products during quality time with your family, friends, or loved ones ensures a warm, memorable atmosphere. Sharing Glory Snack products with peers or colleagues is also encouraged for an improved working relationship. With our elegant packagings, Glory Snack products can also be gifted as an “oleh-oleh” which would look unique, luxurious, yet extremely tasty.

Last but not least, happy snacking and enjoy our products, our events, and our promo. Subscribe to our communication channels to make sure you’re always updated. Made from the Heart, Only for the Best!